James creates beautiful films to tell authentic stories which drive engagement and value for clients and it all starts here, with a conversation. So get in touch now, to find out how James can help you tell your story. No matter the format or delivery platform James adds style and authenticity to his work ensuring that the story reaches the audience it needs to, in order to drive engagement in what is a heavily content saturated world.

James has a real passion for personal stories, creating safe spaces for people to share their deepest thoughts and feelings. Most of the worlds problems could be fixed with a conversation and James donates hours of his time each month to projects and causes that are trying to make a difference in the world.

Ultimately everything starts with a conversation, so don’t hesitate to contact me as i am happy to offer advice and wont sell you my services unless i know i can help you  or your business grow.

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    James specialises in authentic story telling, working with clients who have a something to share. He uses film to amplify the story, helping clients connect with audiences, in a very content saturated market.